Hi! Sisyphus Games is my company.

It's a micro-studio, which means that it's really just me , with the help of a couple friends and freelancers.

I've worked in interactive digital media since 1996, in a number of different industries: advertising, projection mapping, large-format interactive installations, performing arts, and product design. After almost 20 years in the commercial arts, and professional services world I decided to shift gears and follow my dream to work in my favorite medium: video games!

Since it's a small team (me), I thought I would tackle a classic game format: the roguelike! Of course there are a zillion champs in this area: Diablo, Gauntlet, ADOM, etc. But it's a fun format that could use a refresher, especially now that we've got VR.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Steve Mason
Founder, Designer, Artist, Engineer

Anu Kirk
Design, Support, Audio

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