Note: Some of this information will change as the game is still in development!

Minotaur's Maze is based on a turn-based engine with real-time action. The game world automatically advances turns every half second, but you can pause the action by opening your inventory. (On the VIVE, simply switch inventory pages to anything other than the Candle)


You have three resource pools, Health (HP), Mana (MP), and Favor.

Health is straightforward: When you run out, you die. You can recover mana by finding potions, healing spells, or by leveling up.

Mana is required to use magical items or melee abilities. Mana can be recovered with potions, by leveling up, or by consuming mana flames found throughout the dungeon.

Favor (of the Gods) allows you to restart the level if you die. If you die when you are out of favor, the game ends.


You have three primary attributes: Strength, Dexterity, and Mind.

Strength determines how effective you are with melee weapons.

Dexterity determines how effective you are with ranged weapons. It also improves your defensive capabilities, giving you the ability to dodge incoming attacks.

Mind determines how effective you are with spells and magical weapons.

The secondary attributes are Shadow and Speed. Shadow determines how likely it is for enemies to detect your presence. Speed affects both movement and attack speed.

As you delve deeper, conquer foes, and discover treasure, you gain experience points (XP). As you accumulate XP, you eventually gain Character Levels. Each time you level up, your health and mana pools are restored, and the pool maximums increase by a random amount (1d6).

Unlike many RPGs, you do not earn attribute points as you level up. Attributes can be improved by wearing equipment and jewelry that you find along the way. You can change the items you are wearing (or weapons you have equipped) at any time without spending game time.

Magic & Mana

Magic is an essential part of gameplay, regardless of the class you choose. You will use mana whenever you use a potion, cast a spell, or use a weapon’s special ability. 

There are two ways to use magic: cantrip spells or abilities (the left hand magic trigger), and using your weapon’s special ability (the right-hand magic trigger).


Each character class has a memorized spell assigned to the left hand magic trigger and can be used at will. These spells can only be replaced with other cantrips or memorized spells, which are very rare. Cantrips have a fast cooldown and cost a minimum amount of mana. These can be used infinitely so long as you have enough mana.

Consumables (Potions & Scrolls)

These are one-time-use magic abilities that you will find throughout the game. They have many different flavors and uses. Typically, potions affect your character while scrolls affect NPCs or the environment. Most have a small mana cost and no cooldown.



All weapons are held in the right hand and have two uses:

  • A base physical attack
  • A special ability, which costs mana

The physical attack is used by simply highlighting a hostile creature and pressing the select button. Special abilities are triggered with the right hand magic trigger.

Non-magical abilities like those found on simple weapons like a plain dagger or sword typically give you a positional or tactical advantage, such as knocking an NPC away, or jumping a couple of tiles.

Wands or staves can be used to cast fireballs, lighting, and other magical effects.

Armor & Jewelry

Along the way you will discover items that provide attribute bonuses. There are five slots you can assign items to: Head, Feet, Body, Neck, and Ring. You can only equip one item of a given type. (e.g., you cannot wear more than one ring at a time)

You are free to equip and unequip items at will, and it does not cost an action to do so.